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Chestnut Oaks is a family association. Each member and guest should strive to respect the rights of other members.  These rules are intended to secure reasonable safety and conduct for the enjoyment of the association's facilities.

All rules will be enforced. Non-compliance with these rules could lead to suspension of the use of CORA facilities, or termination of membership.


  1. All fees, dues, or other charges must be paid in full prior to using the facilities.  Members not remitting dues are automatically terminated.

  2. The rules and regulations can be changed by the Board without notice. The operations of the pool, opening, closing, inclement weather can be changed at the discretion of the Board and the pool manager.

  3. The manager on duty, as well as the lifeguards, have the discretionary authority to remove anyone violating these rules. Members are expected to respect the authority of the manager on duty and lifeguards. If there are issues regarding the application of this authority, they should be made to the Board in writing. 

  4. Members are required to register with the pool attendants prior to using the facility.

  5. Hours of operation hours will be stated in the annual renewal notice and hours will be posted in the facility, however, they are subject to change at any time.

  6. All fees, charges for swim/tennis lessons, babysitter fees, etc. will be stated in the annual renewal notice.

  7. Rules apply to members and their guests.

  8. Fees are not refunded due to expulsion due to violations of rules.

  9. Members not renewing membership must return any keys or other CORA property in their possession.

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