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Frequently Asked Questions

What will summer 2020 Look like at CORA? We will follow the guidelines of the CDC and Governor Northam. These guidelines continue to be changed and adjusted on a daily basis. We continue to be in conversation with other local pool boards who are facing the same challenges. 


Updates as of July 17, 2020

​Can I sit with another family? While we know how much everyone misses the socialization this
time has prevented, please remember only your family should be seated at your table. Phase 3
indicates seating is for those of the same household.

Can I swim in the diving well? We are so happy we have been able to open the diving board for
use this summer. Please note that the well is reserved for diving, and may be used for swimming
when the diving board is not in use. Members must clear the well when another member wishes
to dive, or whenever a lifeguard or manager asks that the well be cleared.

Can my kids play games in the well? In the past, we have been able to allow group games (i.e.
Shark and Minnows, Underwater Tag, Marco Polo, Line Tag, Alligator, etc.) to be played in the
well. We know that some of our members, particularly our teenage members, enjoy group games
and look forward to them every year. After much discussion with management/staff and review
of the pool use at our busiest times, we do not feel it is safe to continue to allow the well to be
used for group games as it is simply impossible to physically distance while playing them.
Therefore, we have decided that NO GROUP GAMES are allowed in the well or pool in general.
Parents, please make sure to share this new rule to your children, and to enforce it while at the

Can we play games in other areas of the pool? Phase 3 allows pools to be open for exercise and
free swim. Physical and social distancing rules in and out of the pool are still in effect.
Management and staff will not allow horseplay, rowdiness, or group games. Balls are also not
allowed to be in use at the pool. Parents must take responsibility for enforcing these rules with
their children. Repeated violation of rules may result in members being asked to leave the

Will the concession stand open and can we add more seating? We have heard your questions
regarding opening the concession stand and adding in extra seating. After much discussion and
review of Virginia's current rising number of cases, we have made the decision to continue
without concessions or any additional tables and chairs at this time. We appreciate your

Updates as of July 1, 2020

What will Sign-up shifts look like in Phase 3? Sign up will consist of seating areas instead of lanes.
Please remain in your reserved seating area. Social Distancing rules are still in effect and families may
not share tables or seating areas with other families. We ask that you respectfully consider the size of
your family when choosing your seating. This will allow larger families space to enjoy the pool in one
slot. We appreciate you following the rules so that our managers and staff can attend to more important

What if we need more seats? If you need additional seats for your table, you can request this from the
manager. Unfortunately, we are unable to add lounge chairs at this time. Any additional chairs must still
maintain the 10 feet of social distancing required for pool deck seating.

What does “free swim” look like? We will continue to have a lane designated for lap swimming. This is
available to anyone who wishes to use it. We ask that you limit the number of people in this lane to 3
and that it be reserved for swimming laps (or entering/exiting the deep end). Throughout the pool
families are reminded that social distancing is required while in the pool. Please continue to remind your
children that they are safest when staying 6 feet apart from other non-family members. You are
welcome to bring your own kick boards, diving sticks and toys but they should not be shared.
Is the diving board open? YES! The diving board will open but the slide remains closed. Those wishing to
use the diving board will need to walk the long way around to the board and not walk through the check
in tent. Social distancing of 6 feet while waiting is required. The area in the diving well normally used for
the slide is also open but limited to 5 people at a time.

Is the baby pool open? We can allow up to 4 families at a time to be signed up for the baby pool.
Seating in the baby pool area is reserved for families who will be using the baby pool. The baby pool is
for age 5 and younger.

Will there be adult swim? Not at this time. Shifts are now 1 hour and 45 minutes and we want all of our
members to be able to enjoy the pool for their time slot.

There seem to be a lot of no-shows. We agree, and we continue to ask members to cancel their shift if
they don’t plan to attend. When shifts are signed up for, we are turning members away. If you are
unable to attend, please cancel your shift. If you are running late please call the pool so we don’t give
away your space.
Phase 3 Guidelines: https://www.governor.virginia.gov/media/governorvirginiagov/governor-of-

Updates as of June 18, 2020

Can we increase the time slots? As you already saw we have increased our sign up slots to 90 minutes!
For the weekends you can select one 90-minute slot. Weekdays you will be allowed to sign up for up to
three 90-minute slots for the week. Currently, we are not allowing advanced sign up for back to back

Are people allowed to fill empty slots: We want to see our pool being used :) Each morning any
remaining slots are open for anyone who wishes to sign up, even if you already have 3 slots. If you sign
up for an additional spot that is back to back with your spot you will still need to leave the pool deck for
cleaning (see below).

What if no one shows up for a lane? Please help us coordinate staffing and allow for maximum use by
cancelling your sign up if you don’t plan to show. If you aren’t there after 30 minutes your lane may be
given away. You can always call the pool and let them know you are running late for your lane

Is there a reason we can’t exit in the same location as the entrance? In working with our staff, we have
determined that our entrance and exit can be the same location. No one will be entering during the
ending times because there is 30 minutes in between shifts.

Are we allowed to share lanes or tables? Please be reminded that sharing tables and swimming lanes
with members outside of your membership list of family members is not allowed. We hope to offer
flexibility on this soon.

At what age can my child attend the pool alone? The minimum age a member can attend the pool
alone is 12 years of age. Please remind your 12 and over members of the rules in the event they are
headed too CORA without adult supervision. Table/lane sharing rules apply to all ages.

What if we have a large family? If your family membership includes more than 2 adults and 3 small
children, we encourage you to sign up for a lap lane in order to fully accommodate the amount of
people you’ll have in the pool at the same time. If the lap lane is not available, please sign up for 2 half
lanes, however, keep in mind that 2 half lanes at the same time will count as 2 slots. We are unable to
offer more slots per week/day for larger families at this time as we want to treat our members
consistently and fairly.

Do we have to leave the pool during cleaning? The board wishes to thank our staff for their dedication
to cleaning! They have been on top of it! During the 30 minutes for cleaning everyone must leave the
pool deck. If you are staying you may leave your items, but you MUST leave. Once cleaning is done the
staff will welcome you back onto the pool deck. The pool will remain closed the remaining time and
open at the start of the next shift.

Can we reserve a space to sit if we don’t want a lane? We know there are many who want access to the
pool just to read and enjoy the sun! Currently, we are holding off on additional sign-ups while we work
though logistics of phase 2. We hope to be able to offer additional sign ups soon.

Why isn’t the diving board open? Keeping the diving board closed allows us to ensure proper social
distancing and allows for 2 additional family sign ups using the well. The board will continue to monitor
the possibility of opening the diving board when we meet weekly.

What if the weather is bad? The staff and the board reserve the right to close the pool due to weather,
regardless of number of sign up shifts. As in the past, if the pool closes due to weather an email will be
sent and we will send updates via Facebook.

Thank you for your patience and your words of appreciation during our first week. We wish to remind
our members that the board makes the rules and policies that the staff is following. If you have
questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to the board by emailing info@chestnutoaks.org,
while our staff is happy to listen they are unable to make changes to the restrictions.

Updates as of June 9, 2020:


What are the phase 2 guidelines for pools? Here is the full Phase 2 document that serves as our guide.


How will the board define exercise during Phase 2? The board has determined that anyone in the water
who is moving will be considered exercising.


How will I sign up for a time at the pool? We will be using a weekly sign up genius. During week one as
we continue to work out the reality of the restrictions, we are allowing each family to sign up for 1 one-
hour shift for the week. As we see how things go the board will increase this and will continue to keep
active members informed of opportunities for additional sign up.


Why no guests? At this time with limited availability of times we don’t feel it is fair to allow guests to
come to the pool and limit the number of slots available for our paying members. Again, as the
restrictions decrease the board will consider allowing guests.


Do I have to bring my own furniture? No, we will have tables and chairs set up in groups following the
guidelines of Phase 2. We ask that members leave all furniture in its place. The furniture will be cleaned
in between time slots.
Can I just sit and enjoy the sun? The sign-up system is for a specific lane but also includes a table and
chairs for your family. You are welcome to use your tables and chairs for the entire time slot.


Do I have to take my temperature before arriving at the pool? Members will be asked a series of
questions to indicate possible exposure to COVID symptoms. Like everywhere else, we ask that those
who have been exposed or possibly exposed to COVID symptoms refrain from visiting the pool. Staff will
go through a screening that includes taking their temperature prior to their shift starting.


Can I bring toys, noodles, diving sticks or other items to the pool? Since we know that noodles, kick
boards and diving sticks can be used to help exercise, these items are allowed in your assigned lane.
These items must be brought from home and only shared with your family in your assigned lane.
Unfortunately, we can’t allow balls or items that aren’t typically used to help exercise in the pool.
Will the baby pool be open? Due to the restriction that pools only be open for exercise the baby pool
will remain closed for week 1. As we continue to obtain guidance in this area we will look to open the
baby pool as soon as we can.


Who do I speak to if I have questions or concerns? The guidelines have been clear that lifeguards are
unable to enforce social distancing while on the stand. Additionally, our staff needs to attend to cleaning
procedures and their jobs. The board has established a COVID Captain and has hired Chris Tiller to be in
this position. If Chris is not present at the pool concerns should be brought to the manager. We ask that
members remember that many of our employees are children. It is our hope that concerns can be
addressed in a positive manner. Our volunteer board of directors is talking daily and will continue to do
so as the directions change and evolve.


What are other pools doing? Members of our board have been in touch with a variety of pools in the
Richmond area. We have reviewed their websites, spoken to board members, reviewed their letters to
their members and even visited their locations. We feel as though our policies and procedures are
extremely similar to pools that are like CORA. Some pools have made the decision to wait until Phase 3
to open. There are pools in our area that are run by swim management companies, home owners’
associations and even country clubs. We have worked hard to ensure our policies are similar to pools
that are recreation associations like CORA. We have been thankful for our partnerships with these other
pools as we navigate these restrictions.


(Older entries listed below)

The following is a list of possibilities--no final decisions will be made until guidelines from these agencies are formalized.


  • Social distancing of 6 feet throughout the pool area

  • Limits to the number of people allowed at the pool at a time

  • Using a sign-up system for families to choose times to attend the pool

  • Limit of number of people in the baby pool area (may be a separate sign up)

  • Temperature checks of employees at the start of each shift

  • Daily check in list and no membership binders

  • Concession stand to serve only sealed food and drinks

  • No ice sold or given away at the concession stand

  • Decreased pool furniture (some pools are moving to a bring your own chair policy)

  • Closure of the slide and diving board (unable to clean handles in between each person)

  • Kick boards and noodles will not be available



The following have already been approved by the board:


  • No socials unless social distancing guidelines and maximum numbers increase

  • No Swim Team (specific details were emailed to swim team families)

  • No guests at the pool—this allows our members more access to the pool 

  • Increased cleaning procedures throughout the pool



Will I have to wear a mask at the pool? We will follow the guidelines provided by both the CDC and Governor Northam. Currently, the Governor’s order is to wear a mask when social distancing is not possible. This could lead to wearing a mask while walking around the pool or using the restrooms.


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